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How to Play Set for Life

To play Set for Life, select seven numbers from 1 to 44. You can buy tickets from newsagencies and convenience stores across Australia. Draws take place every day at approximately 9:00pm AEST. Follow all the steps below to take part:


Pick Your Numbers

Set for Life requires you to pick seven numbers from 44. If you want to choose your own numbers, you’ll need to play a marked entry by picking up a playslip and marking your selections accordingly. You must play at least two sets of numbers in most states, and you can play up to four on a coupon in-store. In Western Australia you are allowed to just play one game. If you’d prefer to play a Quick Pick, tell the retailer how many sets you want to play and you will receive a ticket with random numbers. Alternatively, generate your own random numbers before you go to the store.


Automatic Entry into Seven Draws

A standard Set for Life entry puts you into seven consecutive draws. The minimum entry therefore gives you 14 chances of winning in every state apart from Western Australia, as you have to submit at least two sets and play for seven days. All you need to do when you fill out your playslip is decide which day you want to start playing – you can start on any day - and your ticket will give you entry into seven draws in a row.


Play in Advance

You can also play advance and multi-week entries in Set for Life. An advance entry is where you pick a future draw, up to 10 weeks ahead, and you do not have to enter every preceding draw. You will then be entered into the seven consecutive draws from that date. With a multi-week draw, you can enter your numbers in up to 10 consecutive weeks. The advantage of an advance or multi-week entry is that it allows you to plan ahead and make sure you never miss out on a draw you want to play, even if you’re going away on holiday.


Pay for Your Entries

Once you’ve filled out your selections, purchase your entries. A standard entry in most states – two games entered into seven consecutive draws – costs $9.45. If you’re in Western Australia, you can enter just one game into seven consecutive draws for $4.55. Remember that the cost of entry increases proportionally as you play more, so it can quickly add up if you want to enter more games or purchase a multi-week ticket.

The cut-off time for ticket sales is 9:00pm AEST (7:00pm AWST). Make sure you have got your entries in on time, then sit back and wait for the draw to take place shortly after the draw close time. Head over to the results page to see the latest winning numbers straight after they have been announced every night.

How to Win Set for Life

To win Set for Life prizes, the numbers you select must match the winning numbers drawn. The jackpot works differently to other lotteries, as you are paid $20,000 a month for 20 years instead of receiving a one-off prize. You need to match all seven main numbers to win the jackpot, but there are also seven other prize divisions in every draw.

Two supplementary numbers are selected from the 37 balls left in the barrel after the first seven have been drawn. You can win prizes just by matching three of the seven main numbers if you also have one of the supplementary numbers. Go to the Dividends page for more information about all the different ways to win.