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Set for Life Prize Dividends

You win Set for Life prizes by matching the numbers you select to the winning numbers. There are eight prize divisions in total, but Division 1 and 2 work differently to the rest. They are the only prizes in Australia which are paid out in regular instalments rather than as a one-off payment. Learn more about Set for Life dividends.

In Set for Life, seven main numbers are selected at random out of a possible 44, followed by two supplementary numbers from the remaining 37.

The prize for matching all seven main numbers is $20,000 every month for 20 years. If you match six plus a supplementary number, you’ll be paid $5,000 a month for one year.

The other six prizes are paid as lump sums. You can win by matching as few as three of the main numbers plus one or two of the supplementary balls.

The following table shows all the different ways to win and the percentage of the prize fund allocated to each division, along with the highest and lowest payouts:

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    Prize Division Numbers Matched Odds of Winning Prize Pool Percentage Prize Payout In Last Draw Average Payout for Last 3 Months
    1 7 main numbers 1 in 38,320,568 0% (Fixed $20,000 a month for 20 years) $20,000.00 $219,670.89
    2 6 main numbers + 1 or 2 Supplementary numbers 1 in 2,737,184 0% (Fixed $5,000 a month for 1 year) $0.00 $59,918.03
    3 6 main numbers 1 in 156,411 2.20% $871.25 $903.71
    4 5 main numbers + 1 or 2 Supplementary numbers 1 in 25,702 2.00% $105.60 $121.58
    5 5 main numbers 1 in 3,067 4.60% $28.65 $32.49
    6 4 main numbers + 1 or 2 Supplementary numbers 1 in 894 10.60% $20.90 $21.54
    7 4 main numbers 1 in 167 28.20% $9.70 $10.65
    8 3 main numbers + 1 or 2 Supplemntary numbers 1 in 80 52.40% $9.35 $9.43

    The prize fund for Divisions 1 and 2 is 23.25 percent of the money raised from ticket sales in every draw. The remainder of the prize fund – 63.25 percent of the revenue minus the Division 1 prize – is used to pay the other six dividends according to the split above.

    A maximum of four players can receive the Division 1 prize - which works out at $4.8 million each - in every draw. However, if there are more than four winners in Division 1, a sum of $19.2 million will be divided equally between them. This will still be paid out in monthly instalments but will be lower than the advertised $20,000. For example, if there are five winners in a draw, they will each receive $16,000 a month for 20 years.

    The jackpot does not roll over if there are a no winners; instead, the money allocated to Division 1 accumulates so that it can be used to pay winners in future draws or supplement prizes in other divisions or games.