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Weekday Windfall

Weekday Windfall is a lottery played across Australia that has three draws a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday night. The numbers are announced after 8:30pm AEST and there is a fixed prize of $1 million per winner.

The game replaced Monday and Wednesday Lotto in May 2024, making it a new national brand. Western Australia, which has a different lottery operator to the rest of the country, calls the revamped game Millionaire Medley. The addition of a third draw day (Friday) gives you another opportunity to play and win. Find out more below and select a link for more information.

Friday's Weekday Windfall jackpot:

How to Play and Win

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To play Weekday Windfall, you must select six numbers from 1 to 45. Choose your own or get a random set, and there are several entry types to pick from as you try to match the winning numbers.

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Weekday Wins

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Up to six players can win the Weekday Windfall jackpot of $1 million by matching all the numbers. There are also five other ways to win, and the overall odds of getting a prize are 1 in 44.

Dividends and Odds

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    Explore up-to-date statistics to see the most common numbers, as well as the least common and most overdue. You could use your findings to help you devise a strategy for picking numbers.


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    The Number Generator is a handy tool that provides you with random numbers in an instant. You can even get multiple lines all at once if you are looking to buy a few tickets.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Discover how Weekday Windfall works, covering various aspects of the thrice-weekly draw. All your questions are answered in one place so you can learn everything you need to know.

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    Weekday Windfall was launched in the autumn of 2024 as a new single lottery brand, taking the place of state-based brands for most jurisdictions across Australia. Previously, Monday and Wednesday Lotto were referred to differently depending on where you were based, such as Gold Lotto in Queensland or X Lotto in South Australia.

    The big change was that a Friday draw was added to the schedule, but the rebranding also saw the maximum number of million-dollar winners per draw increase from four to six.

    Every other aspect of the game remained the same, including how to play and how to win. Weekday Windfall also offers regular promotions such as Double Your Win draws and Cashcade Celebrations, which both boost the value of lower-division prizes. In Double Your Win draws, also known as Double Win Days in Western Australia, every payout below the jackpot is automatically doubled.