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Lotto Strike Results Checker

Check your Lotto Strike numbers against the latest results to see if you're a winner. The Checker is simple to use - enter your numbers by typing them in the boxes provided or selecting from a grid. Change the ‘Input Mode’ to switch from one option to the other.

You can add more lines if you are checking more than one set of numbers. Indicate how far back you want to check and which draw days you are focused on. As soon as you hit ‘Check Results’, your numbers will be compared against the official results and the Checker will show you whether you have won a prize.

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* The Checker is an aid for players and not a way of taking part in the game. The results of the Checker do not prove you are a winner. The only way to claim a prize is with a valid winning ticket and you should check your tickets carefully, as does not accept any liability if the Checker does contain errors.