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Lotto Strike Number Generator

The Lotto Strike Number Generator gives you random numbers which you may want to enter in the next draw. It’s the perfect tool if you’re not sure which numbers to play or just want to produce a set quickly.

Hit the ‘Generate’ button and four numbers from 1 to 45 will appear straight away. You can then decide if you think they are the numbers you want to use, and in that order. You can keep generating numbers until you find a selection you want to play.

Once the draw has taken place, visit the results page to see if you are a winner.

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This random Generator can give you as many lines as you want to play. Use the dropdown box below to select how many additional sets you want to play.

Generate another set(s) of numbers

The winning numbers for Lotto Strike are taken from the results for Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto and Saturday Lotto. They are the first four numbers drawn in those games. You can use the numbers produced by this Generator in the other games as well, but you will also need two more as you are required to pick six from 45 in Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto and Saturday Lotto.

Tuesday 4th October 2022
$380 Million
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