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Lost and Damaged Tickets

If you’ve lost a lottery ticket that you bought in-store, or got one that has become damaged, it is still possible to receive a payout for any prizes that it would have won. Find out about what you need to do if you mislay an entry for your favourite game.

Are you in a membership program?

If you are registered to a membership program, such as the Winners Circle in Queensland or Players Club in New South Wales, you have an extra level of security when you purchase tickets in a store. When you buy an entry, you hand over your Lottery Card to the clerk and details of your ticket are stored in a digital database.

If you lose your ticket, you just need to contact lottery officials by calling 131 868. Once your identity had been verified, a cheque or free ticket certificate can be posted out to you if applicable. This will be made out to the name and address linked to the registered player card.

You should also contact 131 868 immediately if you lose your membership card and a ticket. Lottery officials can then stop any payments connected to that card, making it impossible for anyone else to claim your prize.

For tickets not linked to a Lottery Card

You can still get paid out even if your purchase is not linked to a Lottery Card and you have lost your ticket. However, you will need to complete a ‘search form’ so that officials can track down your entry in the computer system. This involves providing information about yourself and the missing or damaged ticket. There is a different form for tickets purchased in different states, but they all ask for the same details:

  • Your personal information, including name, address, contact details and date of birth
  • The name and address of the retail outlet where you purchased the ticket
  • The date and time when you bought the ticket. You must specify a 20-minute period in which it was purchased
  • The name of the game you played, for example Oz Lotto, Powerball, Saturday Lotto
  • The date and draw number you entered
  • The type of entry - for example whether it was a marked entry or a Quick Pick, whether you played a system or as part of a syndicate
  • The prize division you believe you won in
  • The cost of your ticket
  • Whether your ticket was lost, damaged or stolen and how this occurred

You must also sign a declaration, and get it signed by a witness, that you believe all the details to be true. There is a search fee of $15 per ticket, or $22 for South Australian customers. If you lose multiple tickets, you will need to fill out a search form for each one.

The relevant lottery operator will investigate your claim and may pay you out if there is sufficient supporting evidence. However, they are not obliged to pay out prizes so you should not expect to receive an award if you are not in possession of a valid ticket. If you are successful, you will be paid out after the following time periods:

  • Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Queensland - Four weeks after the draw
  • New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory - Eight weeks after the draw
  • South Australia - 12 months after the draw

The time period for claiming prizes is different in each state and there are no extensions if your ticket has been lost or damaged. Go to the How to Claim page for more information.

If you lose a scratch card and think you might be a winner, you should also fill out a search form. Go to the Scratchies page to find more details.

Keeping Your Numbers Safe

It is your responsibility to keep your ticket safe if you play in-store. You may consider always putting your entry in the same place or getting into a routine of checking tickets at the same time every week. It’s also a good idea to sign the back of your entry so that you have a better chance of being reunited with it if it does get lost.

Joining a membership program provides even more security as all your purchases are linked to your lottery card. Another method of keeping your numbers safe is to play online, as there is no paper ticket to look after. Your numbers can’t get lost, stolen or damaged and you will be automatically notified if you win a prize.