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Mega Jackpot Results

Draw times are not set for Mega Jackpot due to the unpredictable nature of the game. You will be able to view the latest results here shortly after the draw. To view more details about the draw including whether or not the jackpot was won and a full list of the consolation prize winning numbers, just click the Dividends button.

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Draw 1606 - Monday 20 March 2023
  • Jackpot number:072332
  • 1st prize:099131
  • 2nd prize:075677
Jackpot: $3,160,000

Previous Results

Mega Jackpot results are posted here soon after the draw is made. You will find the top three prizes for the last seven draws on this page, with a full prize breakdown revealed by clicking on a specific draw date.

Draw 1605 Monday 6 March
  • Jackpot number:104818
  • 1st prize:048185
  • 2nd prize:079819
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Draw 1604 Tuesday 14 February
  • Jackpot number:073858
  • 1st prize:095567
  • 2nd prize:063827
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Draw 1603 Monday 30 January
  • Jackpot number:181184
  • 1st prize:143134
  • 2nd prize:195895
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Draw 1602 Friday 13 January
  • Jackpot number:065476
  • 1st prize:167238
  • 2nd prize:045617
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Draw 1601 Thursday 29 December
  • Jackpot number:051234
  • 1st prize:185576
  • 2nd prize:108901
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Draw 1600 Wednesday 14 December
  • Jackpot number:033309
  • 1st prize:026864
  • 2nd prize:077741
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Archived Draws

Visit the Past Results page if you would like to see an archive of results from all draws since the game began.