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Set for Life

Set for Life is an annuity lottery offering a Division 1 prize that pays out $20,000 every month for 20 years. That means you are playing for a guaranteed income rather than a one-off jackpot, making it very different to Australia’s other National Lottery games.

In total, over the 20 years of monthly payments, Division 1 winners will receive an incredible $4.8 million.

Draws are held every day of the year at 9:00pm AEST. Match all seven main numbers drawn to win the Division 1 prize.

Today's Set for Life Jackpot:
$20K/Month for 20 Years

How to Play Guide

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To play Set for Life, choose seven numbers between 1 and 44 or go for a Quick Pick for a random selection. Learn more about how to play Set for Life.

How to Play Guide

Prize Payouts for Decades

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Win the top prize on Set for Life and you will be paid out every month for 20 years. Even the Division 2 prize guarantees regular payments for a year. Check out all the dividends.

Dividends and Odds

Check Your Tickets

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The Set for Life Checker makes it easy to discover if your ticket has won a prize. Enter your numbers and you will find out straight away if you’ve got enough winning matches for a payout.

Ticket Checker

Did you know? All Set for Life Division 1 winners receive their $20,000 payments on the same day, the 15th of every month.

In-depth Statistics

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Browse a wide range of statistics, including draw frequencies for all numbers, taken from the results of every Set for Life draw since the game began in August 2015.


Number Generator

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Get a random set of numbers for the next draw in an instant. You can even create multiple sets at once, then decide whether you want to enter them for the chance to win.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Set for Life, whether that’s how to claim prizes, how the Division 1 prize works, and much more.

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