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Set for Life Number Generator

Use the Set for Life Number Generator to produce a random set of numbers that you can play in the next draw. Press ‘Generate’ as many times as you want until you find a line you like. It’s a fast method of picking your numbers and perfect if you want to try a new set.

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The Set for Life Generator also allows you to create multiple lines of numbers at the same time. If you fancy entering several sets, or just want a few to choose from, use the dropdown box below to generate as many as you want.

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Set for Life Predictions

Some players like to use the Set for Life predictions when deciding which numbers to play. The predicted numbers shown are a combination of the most and least common numbers, combined with those that have been drawn when big prizes have been won. Be sure to check back regularly as these numbers will change frequently.

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Tuesday 4th October 2022
$380 Million
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