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Super 66

Super 66Super 66 is a game run by Tattersall's that is played in all parts of Australia except New South Wales. The draw takes place every Saturday, just after the main Lotto draw at 7.30pm AEST, and costs AU$1.10 (AU$1.00 in Western Australia) per play. To take part, players can either purchase a separate Super 66 ticket or can tick the "Super 66" box on a ticket for Saturday Lotto, Powerball or Oz Lotto.

How to Play Super 66

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Each randomly-generated Super 66 entry consists of six numbers from 0 to 9. To win a prize, players must match either the first or last digits in the correct order from a six-ball draw, with a guaranteed minimum Division 1 prize of AU$16,666 for matching all six balls. There are five prize tiers in the Super 66, with the odds ranging from 1 in 56 for a Division 5 prize, to 1 in 1,000,000 for the top prize:

Division Example Winning Numbers Odds of Winning (Single Game)
1st 123456 1 in 1,000,000
2nd 12345x 1 in 55,556
3rd 1234xx 1 in 5,556
4th 123xxx 1 in 556
5th 12xxxx 1 in 56
Approximate overall odds of winning: 1 in 50

The Division 1 prize can roll over, or jackpot, for 24 consecutive weeks. If no one matches the drawn numbers in order on the 25th draw, the jackpot is shared between the next highest Division with winners.

In any Super 66 draw, 55% of the entry costs are allocated to the prize pool. Extra funds will be added to the Division 1 prize if there is still money leftover in the prize pool after all the winners in each prize division have been tallied. If there isn't enough cash in the prize fund to pay winners in every relevant Division, then the difference will be made up using the Prize Reserve Fund.