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Oz Lotto Number Generator

If you’re stuck for which numbers to pick in upcoming Oz Lotto draws you can use this Number Generator to receive a random set. Just hit the button below and it will act as a lottery number picker and generate seven random numbers for you to play. You can repeat the process as many times as you wish.

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You can also use the Oz Lotto Generator to produce several combinations of numbers at once. Use the dropdown box to select how many lines you want to create, then just hit ‘Go’ and your numbers will appear below.

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Oz Lotto Predictions

The Oz Lotto prediction below for the next draw has been generated using a statistical formula that means they are likely to change on a regular basis, so be sure to check back to see the most up-to-date predictions.

  • 3
  • 7
  • 21
  • 27
  • 29
  • 30
  • 43

The predictions are calculated using the seven winning numbers from the last Oz Lotto draw. All previous draws that shared any of those numbers are then also analysed. The next step is to scrutinise the winning numbers from the draws that immediately followed, adding up how many times each number appeared. The hot and cold numbers are then used to form the predictions.