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How to Play Super Jackpot

There are 270,000 numbers available in each Super Jackpot draw and the draw can only take place after every number has been allocated. When purchasing entries, the ticket numbers will be randomly generated but you can choose the order in which the numbers are played. No two numbers are the same in Super Jackpot - meaning if you win, you don’t have to split the prize!

Playing the Super Jackpot is easy, as your numbers are generated for you. Before playing there are some decisions you need to make. All you need to do is:

  • Select how many numbers you want to play - you can play up to 10 numbers in each game
  • Decide how you want your numbers to be ordered - you can play them in random or sequential order
  • Choose how many draws you would like to enter - you can enter the current draw, several draws or you can subscribe to all future draws
  • Finally, check the results - you can view all the winning ticket numbers on the Super Jackpot Results page straight after the draw takes place.

Advance Draws

When you choose to subscribe to all future draws, you do not have to remember to enter each time which means you will never miss a draw. As the Super Jackpot can only be drawn when all the tickets have been sold, it is impossible to predict when they will take place. You can also purchase entries for multiple draws at once, this is a good option if you’re going away as you can choose how far ahead you want to play, up to 10 consecutive draws.

How to Win Super Jackpot

In the raffle games Super Jackpot and Mega Jackpot, there are two draws. One in which the winners of each level of prizes are drawn and one which determines the jackpot winning number. The only way to win the jackpot is if the number pulled out in the second draw has already won a prize in the first. If the number draw to win the jackpot has not won a prize, the jackpot will roll over.

Your ticket number(s) must match the winning numbers in exact order.

Use the Ticket Checker to see if you have won a prize in recent draws.

Consolation Prizes

Do not worry if your number didn’t win a prize from one of the eleven prize levels as there are three levels of consolation prizes. If your number is one digit from the 1st prize winning number, you win a $1,000 consolation prize. If you are one number away from any of the other the winning numbers you will receive a free ticket. Finally, if your number is pulled out to win the jackpot amount but was not chosen in the first draw, you will win 10 free tickets.

Find out more about the Super Jackpot Dividends, including the odds of winning at each prize level.