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Powerball Number Generator

Create a set of random lottery numbers to play in upcoming Powerball draws. The Number Generator below is perfect if you’re not sure about your next selection - just hit 'Generate' and six numbers from 1 to 35 will be produced at random, followed by a Powerball between 1 and 20. Press 'Generate' again until you are satisfied, and you may even want to enter those numbers in the next draw.

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If you want to generate more than one set of lotto numbers for Powerball, you can use the dropdown box below to create several lines in an instant.

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Next Mega Millions Jackpot
$467 Million*
    *Jackpot converted to AUD and rounded to the nearest million.

    Powerball Predictions

    The latest Powerball prediction for the next draw is displayed below. Be sure to check back after each drawing, as these numbers are likely to change frequently.

    • 5
    • 7
    • 17
    • 19
    • 22
    • 24
    • 25
    • 15

    The predicted numbers listed above are calculated using the seven main numbers and Powerball number from the latest draw. All historical Powerball draws that shared any of those numbers are then analysed too.

    The draws that immediately followed are also scrutinised, and the amount of times that each number was drawn is collated. The hot and cold numbers based on that outcome are then used to form the predictions.