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Where The Money Goes

When playing the lottery, it’s easy to forget about where the money is being used. The Australian lotteries are renowned for giving back to the community. From funding medical research to making sure everyone has access to education, these lotteries are providing their customers with big jackpots whilst also helping their local communities thrive. As the country’s lotteries are ran by two different companies, the funds are distributed in different ways. Read on to find out how The Lott and Lotterywest give back to the community.

The Lott

The Lott boasts that their efforts of giving back to the community go back over 120 years. Money from the lottery goes towards funding good causes as well as contributing to the State and Territory Governments.

Some of The Lott’s funding goes to supporting the advancement in medical research and hospitals such as, providing upgraded equipment to the Women and Children’s Hospital and funding research for the Master Foundation – a world class fertility services program. Funding has also gone towards disaster relief across the country, to help with the devastating floods and bushfires that Australia have become all too familiar with.

Finally, The Lott have recently been in support of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. This foundation was set up, by the parents of Daniel Morcombe after his abduction, with the purpose of providing child safety programs and events and supporting families of missing persons.

Community Raffle

The Play for Purpose Community Raffle is 100% not-for-profit, meaning all the money spent on tickets is going to good causes or to the raffle itself. There are over 500 different causes to choose from to donate to. When you purchase a $10 ticket, at least 50% of the price goes directly to supporting your chosen charity and the other 50% goes towards to funding the prizes in the raffle.

To be involved in the raffle, simply decide which charity or local sporting club you wish to support and purchase a raffle ticket online for $10. Every ticket you buy gives you the chance of winning the top prize of $250,000 and many more exciting prizes such as shopping spree vouchers and cars.


Lotterywest’s community funding can be found in the way of grants. Community organisations can apply for a grant for their upcoming projects or activities that contribute to the ‘Community Investment Framework’. If a proposal is handed in that will make a lasting difference within the community, see Western Australian’s achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle or help to solve problems within the community it is likely to be accepted as these are some of the main priority areas.

Some examples of the types of organisations that receive grants from Lotterywest are; Dress for Success – an organisation that helps disadvantaged women find financial independence by providing them with interview help and information, smart clothing and a vital support network, and the Blue Tree Project, a team of people who want to highlight the importance of having those difficult coversations about mental health. The team support Western Australian’s who are suffering and the grant money helped the organisation adapt and keep helping people throughout the pandemic.