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September 2016 Saturday Lotto Superdraw Creates 11 Winners

September 2016 Saturday Lotto Superdraw Creates 11 Winners

Last Updated: Friday, 30 July 2021, 09:50am

There were 11 Division 1 winners in the latest Saturday Lotto Superdraw, sharing a pot worth $21 million. Each lucky ticket holder picked up $1.9 million over the Father’s Day weekend, with more than a million other participants winning prizes worth between $15.10 for matching one or two main numbers and both Supplementaries to $11,093 for matching five main balls and one of the Supplementaries.

Tonight's U.S. Powerball Jackpot
$284 Million*
    *Jackpot converted to AUD and rounded to the nearest million.

    One of the winning entries was a syndicate created by Town Hall Lotto in Preston, a suburb of Melbourne. The group is made up of 30 members, whose systems entry ensured they not only hit the top prize, but they also collected awards in Divisions 3 and 4. Each share in the lottery group is worth $66,429.96 and Tan Lee, manager of Town Hall Lotto, was delighted. “I’m very, very happy for all my winning customers, and I’ve been able to break the exciting news to many of them,” he told lottery officials, “some have cried tears of happiness, some couldn’t believe they had won Division 1 and others thought I was joking!”

    Lee said that some of the shares had been bought as Father’s Day presents and a number of his lucky customers had told him they would be looking to pay off their mortgages and treating their loved ones.

    Another Melbourne syndicate also won big on Saturday, when the numbers landed for a group of 51 employees at an aged care centre in Croydon North. Each member will receive $37,000 and the syndicate manager revealed some of the lucky players have told her they will splash out on cars and holidays amongst other luxuries.

    The winning numbers for Saturday 3rd September were 7, 23, 28, 32, 36 and 40 with Supplementaries 39 and 41. You can find the full prize breakdown at the Lottery Results page. The next Superdraw is scheduled for 29th October, when the Division 1 prize pool will be worth $21 million. If you’d like to play for a share of this weekend’s $4 million bounty, you can buy Saturday Lotto tickets at the Buy Tickets page. Good luck!

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