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How Would You Celebrate a Saturday Lotto Superdraw Win?

How Would You Celebrate a Saturday Lotto Superdraw Win?

Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 July 2017, 09:58am

A Saturday Lotto Superdraw this weekend will offer a First Division prize of $20 million and promises to transform the lives of many players across Australia. The last time a Superdraw took place, on 24th June, 15 lucky ticket holders shared $21 million and more than a million prizes were given away in total.

Tonight's U.S. Powerball Jackpot
$271 Million*
    *Jackpot converted to AUD and rounded to the nearest million.

    Saturday Lotto Superdraws are scheduled at various times throughout the year and guarantee fantastic jackpots, even if the top prize has been won in the previous draw. There were 13 participants who matched all six main numbers in the regular draw on Saturday, including a retired couple from Brisbane who had already won a six-figure sum three years ago.

    Among the other winners on Saturday was a woman from Walgett who was stunned to discover that $329,266 would be coming her way. Contacted by NSW Lotteries, she said she was ‘overwhelmed - it couldn’t have come at a better time’ and added: “If I could do a backflip mate, I would.”

    Another winner from New South Wales wasted little time in having a couple of celebratory drinks after he found out about his success. “I’m still in a bit of shock at the moment to be honest.  I really haven’t won anything in my life.  I’m not really that lucky. I checked my ticket yesterday and initially thought I’d only won division two. But I checked it again and I had missed one of the numbers. I was pretty stoked,” said the man, who is now planning to buy a house and go on holiday.

    Whether you would celebrate with a couple of drinks or by trying a backflip, there is no chance of winning a prize in Saturday’s Superdraw unless you play the game. You can then start to dream about all the places you would like to visit, the new house you could buy or the financial freedom you could provide to loved ones.

    You can get involved now by visiting any authorised retailer in Australia or choosing your numbers online. Good luck in the Superdraw!

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