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The Pools

The PoolsThe Australian lottery game known as "The Pools" (sometimes referred to as Soccer Pools or the 6 from 38 Pools) is different from many of the lotteries available in Australia because winners are not determined by numbers drawn but by results from Australian and European football matches. To participate, players have to refer to the week's Match List to choose six from a possible 38 weekend soccer matches. The list contains up to 60 matches, but the remainder are reserve matches to replace any main fixtures that are postponed.

Latest Pools Results › The results of these fixtures determine the winning numbers for The Pools game. When all the games have been played, they are ranked in order from highest to lowest:

The six highest-ranked games based on the above will become the winning numbers for The Pools. If two games share the same result, the higher game number is ranked highest. For example, if both game 1 and game 38 were to end in 2-2 draws, game 38 would rank higher. There is also a supplementary number that is determined by the match ranked seventh. This comes into play in the Division Two and Division Five prize pools.

Entries for the Pools close at 2:30pm AEST on a Saturday during the Australian (Southern Hemisphere) season and 7:30pm AEST/8:30pm AEDT on Saturday during the European (Northern Hemisphere) season. All of the results are determined on a Monday.

The Pools Prizes

There are five prize tiers for The Pools, with a guaranteed Division 1 prize worth a minimum of AU$75,000. However, jackpots can often reach higher figures due to rollovers. Here are the prize divisions for The Pools, as well as the odds of winning based on one game:

Prize Tier Winning Requirement Prize Fund % Odds of Winning
Division 1 Match all 6 65% 1 in 2,760,681
Division 2 Match 5 + Supplementary 2% 1 in 460,114
Division 3 Match 5 6% 1 in 14,842
Division 4 Match 4 15% 1 in 371
Division 5 Match 3 + Supplementary 12% 1 in 297