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Saturday Lotto Changes Take Effect From 10 October

Saturday Lotto Changes Take Effect From 10 October

Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 October 2020, 10:20am

Saturday Lotto officials have declared that there will now be ‘more prizes, more winners and more reasons to play’ after a series of exciting changes were made to the game ahead of the draw on 10 October. Find out more about what has been updated.

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    Larger Jackpots

    The First Division prize is being boosted from $4 million to $5 million, starting with the draw on Saturday 10 October. There will still be occasional Superdraws throughout the year and the annual Megadraw around Christmas, but regular draws will now put an extra $1 million up for grabs for winners of the top prize.

    This will add up to millions more dollars being given away over the course of the year, with rollovers few and far between in Saturday Lotto. The jackpot is split between everyone who matches six main numbers, so the biggest winners can now expect to receive a larger prize. For example, if there were four winners when the jackpot was $4 million, they would each get paid $1 million. Under the new rules, they would each receive an extra $250,000.

    Better Odds in Division 6

    The other major change is a tweak to Division Six. Whereas previously you had to match one or two of the main numbers - plus both supplementary numbers - you now only need to predict three main numbers correctly.

    This improves your overall chances of winning a prize considerably, with the odds shifting from 1 in 86 to 1 in 42. It means there are likely to be more winners in an average draw. With bigger jackpots also on offer, the cost of playing will increase by $0.10 - plus commission - per game, to support the changes.

    The way you play Saturday Lotto remains the same - you still pick six numbers from 1 to 45. When the draw takes place, two supplementary numbers will continue to be selected after the main six are drawn.

    Why is Saturday Lotto Changing?

    The changes are being made to keep Saturday Lotto fresh and exciting, after lottery bosses carried out nationwide research to find out how players thought the game could be improved. Saturday Lotto spokesperson Bronwyn Spencer is hopeful that fans will be pleased.

    She said: “We spoke to some of our most loyal Saturday Lotto players about why they love playing and they told us they would love to see more prizes, more winners and more reasons to play. Players will see that’s exactly what we have done by providing more benefits to players with these exciting improvements.

    “For people who already love playing Saturday Lotto, the best part is these game improvements don’t change the way the game is played or how they win Division One. There is no need to change your favourite numbers or update your registration details.”

    The changes mark the latest chapter in Australia’s longest-running lottery. Check out the Saturday Lotto Events page to learn more about key dates in the game’s history, then look forward to trying to win a share of the newly enhanced jackpot.

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