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Large Sydney Syndicate Among Saturday Lotto Superdraw Winners

Large Sydney Syndicate Among Saturday Lotto Superdraw Winners

Last Updated: Friday, 30 July 2021, 09:58am

The Saturday Lotto Superdraw jackpot of $20 million was split between 27 winning tickets. Among them was an entry belonging to an 89-strong syndicate, making it a special draw for lots of players across Australia.

Tonight's U.S. Powerball Jackpot
$94 Million*
    *Jackpot converted to AUD and rounded to the nearest million.

    The winning numbers for the draw on Saturday 20 June were 9, 11, 17, 19, 22 and 29, with 14 and 21 as the supplementary numbers. The enlarged jackpot attracted a huge amount of interest and there were over 1.3 million tickets that matched enough numbers to receive a prize.

    The 27 entries that matched all six main numbers were worth $740,740 each. Five of these tickets were bought in New South Wales, including the one established by 888 Lotto Lidcombe, Lidcombe Shopping Centre, 92 Parramatta Road, Lidcombe.

    The syndicate had played a System 17 entry and also won 66 times in Division 3, as well as 825 times in Division 4. With total winnings of $810,664, each member of the syndicate is set to be paid more than $9,100 from the Superdraw.

    Jeff Chan, owner of 888 Lotto Lidcombe, said: “It’s very impressive so many people won. Not just in this syndicate with 89 members, but with 27 division one winning entries in total - it’s remarkable. We’ve had this syndicate going for a while now, and I always think that a syndicate entry has a good chance to win division one because it’s a bigger entry with more numbers.”

    It has emerged that more than half of the syndicate members held unregistered entries, so they might still be in the dark about their good fortune.

    Big Wins in Victoria

    Victoria proved to be the luckiest state in Saturday’s draw with ten Division 1 winners, while there were five from Queensland, four from Western Australia and three from South Australia.

    Among the ten Victoria winners, seven of the tickets were sold in Melbourne. One of the first winners to receive confirmation of her big payout was a Melton woman, who revealed that she had watched the numbers being drawn.

    Speaking to an official from The Lott, she said: “They were the same numbers I’ve been using for 20 years. They’re all birthdates of family members.

    “Since then I’ve been checking my ticket all the time, just to make sure it’s true. I was awake half the night on Saturday night actually - just too excited. I never thought this would happen. The highest we’ve won before is Division 4.”

    Asked how she planned to use her money, the winner revealed that she would travel around Australia in a new motorhome.

    If you have plans for how you would spend a big lottery prize, you can take part in the next draw for your chance to win. The Saturday Lotto jackpot is worth $4 million, while Oz Lotto and Powerball both stand at $30 million.

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