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Harvey Family Won’t Quit Work after $40 Million Oz Lotto Win

Harvey Family Won’t Quit Work after $40 Million Oz Lotto Win

Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 July 2016, 13:22pm

The father of a family from Western Australia who won $40 million on Oz Lotto has admitted he ‘bawled his eyes out’ after learning of the stupendous jackpot success. The family from Harvey have had to struggle through life for the last decade and are overjoyed that they will now be able to live far more comfortably, but insist they will not let their newfound wealth go to their heads or stop them from working.

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    The family brought a run of six Oz Lotto rollovers to an end by matching all seven main numbers in the draw on Tuesday 22nd March, and have quickly come forward to share their story. While they have decided to stay anonymous, the father has revealed that the big win came at a perfect time following a difficult financial period.

    “We've been working 15 hour days, seven days a week for the last 10 years. We haven't been able to afford a house or a car and every time we have gone to the bank for a loan, it's been declined," said the father in WA Today.  "This changes all of that. It will change our lives for the better but it certainly won't change us!"

    The father is delighted that he will now be able to ‘secure his children’s future and shop for a home with his wife that they can actually call their own’, but he wants to carry on living a normal life. He added: “We're going to keep working for now but we are looking forward to a few extras like taking our caravan on a holiday, upgrading from budget airlines to business class, and ordering room service when we stay in a hotel.”

    The Oz Lotto jackpot rolled over last week and a First Division prize of $5 million will be up for grabs in tomorrow night’s game, giving players another opportunity to make their dreams come true. If you fancy following in the footsteps of the latest big winners, pick up a ticket online or visit any authorised retailer in Australia.

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