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Grandmother ‘Bewildered’ by $8.8 Million Lucky Lotteries Win

Grandmother ‘Bewildered’ by $8.8 Million Lucky Lotteries Win

Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 July 2016, 12:21pm

A New South Wales grandmother who has ‘never had any money’ in her life has expressed her shock and delight after suddenly becoming $8.8 million richer. The woman, from Parkes, landed the top prize in a Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw on Tuesday 19th July after buying a ticket at her local newsagency.

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$285 Million*
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    There had been no winner of the jackpot for 65 draws and the lucky lady, who has kept her identity secret, was stunned to be told of her life-changing success by a New South Wales Lotteries official. “I can’t have! You’ve got to be joking? I’m a multimillionaire? I’ve never had any money in my life,” the woman said, as quoted by

    The woman’s son took the phone and elaborated on his mum’s state of disbelief, saying: “Mum’s gone all red in the face and she’s covering her eyes with her hands - she’s bewildered. I can’t believe she’s son $8.8 million with her Lucky Lotteries ticket.” The big winner is set to spend some of her money on buying new furniture, renovating her home and treating her family.

    Greg and Christene Nash, who own the newsagency which sold the winning ticket, were also overjoyed. “He said: We’re so excited! This is the biggest prize-winning ticket we’ve ever sold! I think it’s wonderful that someone in a small town can win a big prize like this. News will spread pretty fast around town that we’ve had an $8.8 million win!”

    Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot can be played every day and offers an exciting twist to many other lottery games. There is a guaranteed $100,000 first prize for the winning ticket number, but then a second draw is also held to produce a jackpot number. If this number is the same as any of the winning ticket numbers, then that ticket wins the jackpot prize.

    Players can decide how many tickets they would like to play - and this can be up to 2,000 sequential numbers or 1 to 10 random numbers. The decision to enter certainly paid off for one lucky lady from Parkes, and other fans of Lucky Lotteries will now be hoping to follow in her footsteps to help their own dreams come true.

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