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Cairns Powerball Winner Thanks Cat for $40 Million Jackpot

Cairns Powerball Winner Thanks Cat for $40 Million Jackpot

Last Updated: Friday, 30 July 2021, 09:44am

A healthcare worker from Cairns expressed his shock after winning Thursday’s $40 million Powerball jackpot, admitting that he was too stunned to celebrate and just had a shower instead when he discovered his good fortune. He also credited both his newsagent and his cat for the parts they played in his remarkable story.

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    *Jackpot converted to AUD and rounded to the nearest million.

    The lucky Queenslander, who has decided to remain anonymous, bought his ticket from newsXpress Edge Hill, Shop 1, 139 Collins Avenue in Edge Hill. He was the only player across Australia to match all seven main numbers plus the Powerball - 1, 2, 3, 12, 13, 23 and 25, plus the Powerball of 1.

    Contacted by a Golden Casket official straight after the draw, he revealed that he had already checked the results but had not been able to believe what he had seen. “I won’t be able to sleep tonight. I thought I would check my ticket before bed. I was quite calm. I knew I had some of the numbers and thought I might have won Division Six.”

    It was only when the confirmation call came through from Golden Casket that the realisation of what had happened started to sink in, and he might not even have answered the phone had it not been for his cat.

    He said: “It feels fantastic. It’s still very hard to accept, but you’ve rung me now so it must be true. Actually, when the phone rang, my cat ran over to the phone. She never does that. I was really surprised. That’s why I answered the phone. It’s hard to believe only one person won it and that one person is me. It’s amazing. You dream about these things but when it happens you don’t believe it.”

    19 Division Two Prizes

    The Cairns man played a PowerHit entry so his seven main numbers were paired with all 20 possible Powerball numbers. He therefore won 19 Division Two prizes on top of the jackpot, boosting his final payout to $40,430,542. 

    “That’s amazing,” he said. “I thought with a single PowerHit entry you just got one prize. I never thought you could win so many times. This is just a random QuickPick. I’m so grateful to my favourite newsagent.”

    Asked about his plans for the future, he added: “I’ll be sharing this with my family. I will buy a new house and go on holidays. I think I’m going to retire early too.”

    The Queenslander’s success follows a number of other big wins in a record-breaking year for Powerball. A Sydney player landed the biggest-ever prize on a single ticket, worth $107 million, back in January, while a $150 million jackpot was split three ways in September. 

    There are set to be even more big winners across Australia’s wide range of games before the end of 2019, with a Saturday Lotto Megadraw lined up for 28th December. The Powerball jackpot, meanwhile, will reset to $3 million for the next draw.

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