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Australia Powerball Jackpot Swells To $40 Million

Australia Powerball Jackpot Swells To $40 Million

Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 May 2018, 10:47am

Australia Powerball players can dream of winning a $40 million jackpot on Thursday night after a fifth draw passed without a winner. It is the lottery’s largest prize since 11th January, when a ticket holder from Melbourne won $55 million.

Tonight's U.S. Powerball Jackpot
$271 Million*
    *Jackpot converted to AUD and rounded to the nearest million.

    Powerball underwent a series of changes in April, with participants now required to select seven numbers from 1 to 35 rather than six numbers from 1 to 40. An extra prize tier has been introduced, the overall odds of winning a prize have improved and jackpots are set to get bigger.

    The First Division prize has certainly been growing rapidly for the past few weeks, although it will take a few more rollovers before the record for the largest win could be challenged. The largest jackpot ever seen on Powerball was $80 million, when two players split the money in July 2009.

    Melbourne Powerball Jackpot Remains Unclaimed

    Anyone who enters the next draw on Thursday just has to remember to check their tickets if they play through an authorised retailer. The lucky player who won $55 million in January has still not come forward to pick up their money, making it the largest unclaimed lottery prize in Australia’s history.

    The ticket was bought at Scole Lotto & News in Brunswick, and accounts for the majority of the $63 million that is currently unclaimed from Division One lottery prizes in the country. Matthew Hart, spokesman for The Lott, said: “It has been the talk this year about who is the mystery ticket holder and where are they?”

    Defying the Odds in Incredible Style

    A winner of the Powerball jackpot this week would undoubtedly consider themselves to be extremely fortunate, and they might take inspiration from the man from Bondi in Sydney who defied incredible odds earlier this month to win two jackpots in the space of a week.

    His success story began on 7th May when he won $1 million on Monday Lotto with a ticket bought at Bondi Sixway News on Hall Street. He also picked up an entry for the Saturday Lotto Superdraw on 12th May from the same agency, and split a $20 million jackpot with 13 other participants to take his total up to more than $2.4 million.

    Don’t Miss the Big Draws

    Whether you want to try and win the big Powerball jackpot or go after the top prize in one of the other games, such as Oz Lotto, Set for Life or Saturday Lotto, you can pick numbers online or go to any authorised retailer in Australia.

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