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The Luckiest Regions for Lottery Winners in Australia

Last Updated: Thursday 26 September 2019, 16:00 pm

2019 has been a year of record-shattering jackpots, with both Oz Lotto and Powerball producing nine-figure first division prizes more quickly than ever before. Some regions of Australia have been more fortuitous than others when it comes to claiming top prizes – so which are the luckiest regions in Australia?

Biggest Australian Jackpots

Thirteen tickets altogether shared the top five jackpots ever won in Australia, splitting a grand total of $584 million in prize money. Of those thirteen, four were purchased in Queensland and four were purchased in New South Wales. New South Wales came out firmly on top, though, with those four tickets claiming a total of $221.4 million – more than a third of the $584 million’s worth of record jackpots, and $40 million more than Queensland’s $180 million record prize total.

The top five jackpots in Australia’s history:

New South Wales received the largest portion of the record jackpots for one key reason – it is home to the biggest jackpot ever won by a single ticket. In January 2019, an anonymous woman from Sydney won a $107 million first division Powerball prize, which also took the record for the largest ever Powerball jackpot at the time.

Queensland’s second place on the list was thanks to an incredible stroke of luck in the single largest jackpot draw in Australian lottery history. A $150 million Powerball prize was shared between three winning tickets on Thursday 12 September 2019 – with two of the three tickets purchased in Queensland, thus claiming two thirds of the pot.

A notable absence from the record table with regard to jackpot sizes is Western Australia, a region which did not win in any of Australia’s largest jackpot draws - making it the least lucky of Australia’s regions in these terms. However, fortune alone is not responsible for Western Australia’s seemingly poor luck. Population is the main driving factor for number of winners per region, and responsible for the high density of jackpot winners in capital cities such as Sydney and Adelaide. 

The estimated population of Western Australia is 2.4 million, while the estimated population of Sydney alone is 5.2 million. This means that fewer lottery tickets overall are likely to be purchased in Western Australia, greatly decreasing the probability of a winner being made in that region.

How to Increase your Chances of Winning a Jackpot

While higher jackpots are more likely to be won in New South Wales and Queensland, this does not make you less likely to win an Australian lottery prize in any other region. The chance each ticket has of winning in the first division is the same, wherever you purchase it. The only sure-fire ways you can increase your chances of winning a jackpot is by buying more tickets, buying a system entry or joining a syndicate. 

Buying more tickets can be prohibitively expensive, but would guarantee you the entirety of any prizes you may win. Syndicates subsidise the cost of each entry, but require you to share any prize money with other members - potentially decreasing your winnings considerably. Systems are a much more involved way of playing Australian lottery draws, allowing you to choose a pool of numbers and enter every possible combination of them, or guarantee up to three winning numbers, and only have to match the remaining numbers from a pool. 

While systems can guarantee multiple prizes in the event of a win, they can also prove costly in the long run. Learn more about the different ways you can play, and the advantages of each, on the Information page.

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