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The Largest Lottery Jackpots in Australia's History

Last Updated: Wednesday 19 June 2019, 12:48 pm

Since a record-breaking jackpot was won in 2012, the top Oz Lotto hasn’t exceeded AU$70 million – until now. The Oz Lotto jackpot saw its ninth consecutive rollover on Tuesday, reaching a new total of $80 million – the highest it has been in seven years.

As Australian lottery players gear up to try their hand at winning the top prize, we look back to historic Australian jackpots, and the lucky players who beat the odds. Here are the three largest lottery jackpots in Australia’s history.

$111 Million Oz Lotto Jackpot, 2012

The last time an Oz Lotto jackpot reached $80 million was in the summer of 2012, where it continued to roll over until reaching a record-breaking $111 million in November of the same year. The Division 1 prize for the 6 November draw was initially slated to be $100 million, but thanks to a surge in ticket sales, it was boosted by a further $11 million. Over eight million tickets were sold for the draw, with ticket sales averaging 400,000 per hour at their peak.

The nine-figure sum was won by four tickets – two in Victoria, one in Queensland, and one in New South Wales. Each ticket-holder walked away with over $27 million – though one Victoria ticket belonged to a syndicate of 80 people, each of whom received a more modest $349,913 cut.

$110 Million Powerball Jackpot, 2019

On 18 July 2019, a Powerball jackpot that had rolled over for eight consecutive weeks was finally won by three tickets. The jackpot reached $110 million after no one won the first division prize in the 11 July draw, becoming the largest ever in Powerball history.

The three tickets were bought in New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria respectively, each laying claim to over $36 million of the jackpot - though the winners are yet to come forward. Nothing more is currently known about the ticket-holders.

$107 Million Powerball Jackpot, 2019

In January 2019, the Powerball jackpot rolled over to become the then-largest ever Powerball jackpot, only to break another record when it was won. One person matched all seven main numbers and the Powerball, winning the entirety of the $107 million jackpot and becoming the recipient of the largest Australian lottery prize ever given to a single person.

The prize was won by an online ticket, bought in Sydney by a mother and healthcare professional. She chose to remain anonymous, though she did reveal that the money would help fund valuable causes close to her.

$106 Million Oz Lotto Jackpot, 2009

Record ticket sales pushed this 2009 Oz Lotto jackpot – initially guaranteed to be $90 million - into nine-figure territory, after an extra $16 million in prize money was generated by entries. A representative for Tatts’ claimed that an estimated one in three adults would be participating in the then-record-breaking draw, five times more than the average.

The $106 million jackpot was won by two tickets, each worth $53 million.  One ticket belonged to a middle-aged couple living in Queensland; they chose to remain anonymous, but announced that much of the money would be spent on family and charity. The other ticket was won by a self-described “battler” in Adelaide, who said he was “numb” after learning of his fortune: “I have no idea how I’m ever going to sleep again.”

Oz Lotto draws take place every Tuesday evening - with seven prize divisions on offer, and a guaranteed Division 1 prize of $2 million -, while Powerball draws take place every Thursday evening. For more information on playing Oz Lotto or Powerball, take a look at their respective How to Play guides on our Information page.  

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