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Eight Players Win Saturday Lotto Jackpot in Million-YEAH Special Draw

Last Updated: Tuesday 30 July 2019, 13:14 pm

Eight people have each laid claim to $1 million, after winning the Saturday Lotto jackpot on 27 July. The draw was a Million-YEAH special draw, guaranteeing a $1 million prize to up to eight potential winners.

Five Million-YEAH Jackpot Winners Contacted

Four of the jackpot-winning tickets were sold in Queensland, while two were sold in New South Wales, one was sold in Victoria and one was sold in Western Australia. To date, six of the winners have been successfully contacted: three from Queensland, two from New South Wales, and one from Victoria.

The first Queensland ticket belonged to a retired couple from Lockyer Valley. They initially refused to believe their luck when called by the lottery to confirm their win: “You are kidding me! [...] So you’re saying that we’re one million dollars richer? [...] Are you fair dinkum?” After calming down, they suggested they would use their Saturday Lotto winnings to pay off their mortgage, buy a new car, and maybe even hire a chef for a couple of months.

The second Queensland winner, a man from Brisbane, dropped his phone the moment he was told of his Million-YEAH fortune. “Holy ****! I am sorry, I just dropped my phone. Oh my god! I am absolutely stunned!” The Morningside man had no immediate plans for his $1 million windfall, but intimated he would be paying off his house, and potentially visiting Asia: “I don’t really know though. I guess I can do everything now I’m a millionaire!”

The third winning Queensland ticket went to a Gold Coast couple, who also had no idea they had won $1 million: “Can you repeat that? One million dollars? Oh my god. [...] We can do anything we want now.” The couple bought the winning Million-YEAH ticket from a newsagency in Southport, which remarkably marked the fourth first-division prize-winning ticket sold by the retailer - aptly named Lucky Dragon. 

The first New South Wales winner revealed that he had barely slept a wink after realising he had won. “I feel over-the-moon. I couldn’t sleep last night; I’m at work today, but I can’t concentrate.” The Sanctuary Point man described his first division prize win as “life changing”, explaining that he could now fulfil a lifelong dream of owning his own home.

The second New South Wales winner was successfully contacted on Wednesday 31 July. The Wollogong ticket-holder chose to remain completely anonymous, however - revealing nothing about their future plans for the seven-figure sum. The shop that sold the ticket was Blooms the Chemist Woonona, with employee Julia Crago revealing it was the first time a first division-winning entry had ever been sold by them.

The winning ticket in Victoria belonged to a couple from Emerald, who had played for years but only recently changed their usual numbers. “We used this novelty toy we have to help us choose our numbers [...] you rattle it, [and] it chooses one. That’s how we chose our numbers, and I’m glad it chose those ones!” The couple announced plans to pay off their mortgage, and travel Australia.

Western Australian Winning Million-YEAH Ticket Location Revealed

Three remaining three winners have not yet been reached, and remain a mystery to lottery officials. However, the location in which the sole winning ticket from Western Australia was sold has been announced: Warricks Newsagency in Northam. Proprietor Tony Robertson spoke of his pride in selling Western Australia’s only winning Million-YEAH special draw entry: “It was fantastic to sell the only Division One ticket in WA this week. There’s a bit of buzz around town at the moment which is always great to see.”

If you think you could be one of the mystery winners, be sure to check your numbers using our Saturday Lotto Checker tool. The Saturday Lotto jackpot for the following draw on 3 August has been reset to the minimum jackpot of $4 million. Ticket sales close at 7:30pm AEST on the day of the draw.

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