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“Double Your Win” Promotional Draw Benefits Over 190,000 Winners

Last Updated: Wednesday 21 August 2019, 14:29 pm

A surprise Australia Lottery promotion, which instantly doubled non-jackpot prizes for certain players, has closed with the 21 August Wednesday Lotto. Over 190,000 players of the Monday Lotto and Wednesday Lotto saw their winnings doubled by the “Double Your Win” campaign.

“Double Your Win” was a promotion that applied to the 19 August Monday Lotto draw and the 21 August Wednesday Lotto draw, with winners of any prize division but the jackpot seeing their prizes increased twofold. A total of 190,097 players won twice as much as they were bargaining for over the two draws, with 10 winners bagging as much as $27,000. The rules of the Monday and Wednesday Lotto draws remained otherwise the same; ticket costs were unchanged, but non-jackpot winners instantly received twice the value of their prize.

Three Wednesday Lotto Jackpot Winners

News of the total number of Australian lottery players benefitting from the “Double Your Win” campaign came as the results of the 21 August Wednesday Lotto draw were revealed. The winning numbers for the draw were 31, 35, 36, 40, 44 and 45, with supplementary numbers 18 and 42. Three players matched all six main numbers to win the fixed $1 million jackpot – one from South Australia and two from Western Australia. Over 99,000 players won a non-jackpot prize, and were eligible to receive double their winnings.

There was also a jackpot winner in the Monday Lotto draw that kickstarted the “Double Your Win” promotion. The $1 million prize went to ten players in Melbourne, who each bought shares in a System 8 entry from seven retailers in the region. The system entry also bagged them 12 division three prizes and 15 division four prizes, bringing their total winnings, including the additional “Double Your Win” money, to $1,021,422.20. The number of non-jackpot winners was over 90,000, all of whom received double their winnings.

The “Double Your Win” promotional draws come mere weeks after a one-off Million-YEAH special draw granted eight winners a guaranteed $1 million. The promotional draw was held on Saturday 27 July, and offered a fixed $1 million prize for each of up to eight players who won in the first division, with $8 million divided equally between winners if more than eight participants won. Exactly eight ticket holders matched all six main numbers to win the top prize.

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